Inspired by the Foreign Policy list of 100 global thinkers, Lo Spazio della Politica (LSDP) presents its own list of global thinkers every November since 2009. Our list differs from the FP’s more prestigious one because we apply a simple rule: we do not indicate any person who appeared in the FP ranking, unless the person has previously been included in one of our rankings (E. g. Dilma Rousseff this year, included in the LSDP 2010 list and in the FP 2011 list).

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The list of global thinkers is an opportunity to identify some of this year trends in politics and the global economy, and it highlights some key aspects of the way we work. We are based in Italy and Brussels, so our rankings always include a number of Italian personalities, as long as their experience is globally relevant. We also include some “viral” actors, as well as names related to trends in popular culture. In addition to individuals, we also include companies, objects and research projects. The list emphasizes mostly political leaders, businessmen, scientists, academics and intellectuals, trying to balance the geographic representation between Europe, the United States and other continents (however, this balance varies on a yearly basis).

Our ranking tries to offer a portrait of the world as it is (and of how it is perceived) rather than the picture of the world as it should be. Therefore, it is not our intention to name the “saints” or “heroes” of 2012, therefore the selected personalities could be seen as inspiring as well as controversial.

This year there are two new features: first, the ebook format, with a totally renovated graphic; second, an introductory essay by Alessandro Aresu. Finally, as you can see this year there are no sport personalities. It is not a coincidence. On Monday, December 3 we will publish “The LSDP Top 100 Sports Thinkers of 2012”, a spin-off of the traditional version of the ranking, dedicated to the many aspects of sports on the global stage. It is a unique work, both in the Italian and in the international field, and it will be edited and introduced by Moris Gasparri, with a preface by Mauro Berruto, coach of the Italian volleyball team and bronze medal at London 2012.